high score: 20001120

| instructions

tetris is a techno label based on core players but guest releases are warmly welcome. so if you wanna play tetris too do not hesitate and send us your stuff. the only condition: it should be sorta techno / experimental / electro. if it is a remix it must be a remix of a song released on t.e.t.r.i.s.
all music stored on these pages are in xm format. if you are not familiar with trackers (the most recommended way is using original tracker) simply download for instance modplug player. and you can listen to our stuff.

| core tetris players

frohikey design / org / music
peter pea org / music
tipsy music

| new features

after long time we are back again. funny, isn't it? we are not dead as you can see but to tell the truth we were nead to disappearing. sick of that lame stuff on board. nearly no fanmails :))) (yeah we need to know you are listening to our stuff. that we don't release crap for nobody. tell us what you think or we are gonna stop this mission. anyway, i stop making music so i don't give a shit)

| high scores

peter pea 010 game for two 002
frohikey 008 paul hawk 002
kitsch 006 up-great 002
tipsy 005 bobby firecracker 001
whirlinurd 004 killerboy 001
g.sose 003 monosami 001
digital machinegun 002 yper 001

* game for two = frohikey + peter pea
* up-great = peter pea + marQuis